A little bit about how we got started:

Press Then Press got started in September 2019 at an event called Cider Summit Seattle. We thought we should attend a big cider party and tell people about our new idea: We wanted a way to bring delicious and rare ciders from many amazing cideries directly to people who love to drink it. We believe in better cider and a better experience. So far, so good. Press Then Press has grown, but our core ideas haven't changed. Here are some things you may not know about us:

- We work directly with a LOT of cideries. And that is not only good for YOU the consumer of their lovely products, but it also helps the cideries! By having their ciders in a store like Press Then Press, it opens up their products to many more people. Many only self distribute, which means you would need to find them in a famer's market or little bodega. We allow the small cideries to grow their audience through our audience. Small but mighty. American dream. That feels pretty good. But it tastes even better!

- For the most part, you can't buy the items in our store at the grocery store. That was the point of starting this company, to embiggen* what was available in our cider mecca, the PNW's. We love exclusives, and we have a lot of those in our store.

- Our Cider Club continues to grow. It is great for our customers as they are introduced to new and delicious cider type beverages on their own schedule. And great for us with consistent recurring revenue. In contrast to traditional clubs, our Cider Club provides a personalized experience for each member. You get a curated cider box tailored to your tastes and that meets your preferences for frequency and $ amount. 3 items a quarter? 6 items quarterly? or a case on your birthday (or that special someone)? YOU GOT IT. Please consider joining us. Club members get 10% off every order including club orders. Minimum purchase is 12 items a year worth $100.

- We are a Mom & Pop store. If you talk to or email someone at Press Then Press, it's almost certainly Chris. Deliveries, shipping, warehousing and our favorite, tasting new product. Just us. We got started by filling up a storage container in our back yard. Father-in-Law Frank and our very good friend Daniel helped. See below for the gif! (Jif?) We moved to a new office at the beginning of the year, but this is how it all began!

- We work really hard at being sustainable. Maybe you have noticed that our brown boxes and pulp inserts are all easily recyclable. We ship carbon neutral. We recycle a LOT of boxes. Maybe you have gotten a delivery in a 2nd use cider box? Now we are delivering in an electric car!

- That picture up there? That was the very first delivery! Delivery in Seattle is still FREE. It is also not much $ to have us bring it to you outside of the city, and our shipping is cheaper than ever, thanks to our new negotiated rates with UPS and FedEx. Always be hustling!

- There are a ton of new ciders in our store. All the time we are adding inventory. It is important to us to keep up with new products for us, but also for our customers. We recently redesigned our website, we hope it makes it easier to shop! We try to focus on what our customers need and want. Let us know - main@pressthenpress.com

- We want to open a retail shop in Seattle. We think it is the easiest way to share what we love about cider. We have noticed the current state of retail and the very related pandemic, so our timing is going to be carefully considered. If you have ideas about this, please let us know! Know about space opening up soon, or do you have a lead? Let us know please - main@pressthenpress.com

- We have a brand new section of Non Alcoholic products. Trying to do new stuff! For the kids? Well sure, but also for anyone! We will be growing this category in the future. Have thoughts on what we should be carrying? Let us know - main@pressthenpress.com

THANK YOU for sharing this journey with us.

We couldn't do it without YOU.

You are our kind of #pommefolk

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