Stone Circle Farmhouse Dry 500 mL (6.5% ABV) FUNKY BALANCED FOODIE


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Flavor Profile: Well balanced scrump with loads of character. Like your Uncle Joe. Drinking this is a teleportation to an English pub in the West Country. Is that guy playing a lute? Earth grounded funky apple leading to a spice and citrus note. Clean end. Repeat. If this tastes this good, it must be good for you.

You wanna know if you got a good cider? Let it warm up and taste the flavor profiles develop and change. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F (55° F being midpoint), though this isn't an exact science. This IS CIDER.

Pair it with: Thanksgiving meal, hands down. This is a food pairing bombshell. Hold the politics, please! Drink your cider with food. It is delicious.

Also, Spicy food! I have 5 to 1 odds that this can put out any fire in your mouth. Do the dance of the Molcajete Mixto. Rejoice!

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