Alpenfire Discovery Trail v2018 1500 mL (9% ABV) GO THE DISTANCE


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Flavor Profile: This is a 'bag apart' from your usual cider. A "still cider" - no carbonation added -  This could be your dinner beverage for 2 weeks easily and stay fresh. 

From the Cidery: 2018 Rose Cider Made with a blend of rare, organic redfleshed apples. Olympic Discovery Trail is a traditional still dry rose made from Almata, Pink Pearl, Airlie Redflesh & Dolgo Crabapple

Pair this with: Hiking. Life. Brett's annual Halloween party! Clocking at 9%, and the volume equals TWO 750 mL bottles without the glass. Value and Taste! Keep one in the fridge. It lasts and lasts. 

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