Chatter Creek Chaider Clipper (500 mL, 6.9% ABV)

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Flavor Profile: Crystalline golden and pale, bready, with medium sparkles and some seriously great upfront bubbles create a full mouthfeel.  This leads to a delightful honeyed spice mid-palate and knock your socks off back-end of spice and apple. The honey bridges the front end, and the spice finishes it off with a cardamom kick. World class.

You wanna know if you got a good cider? Let it warm up and taste the flavor profiles develop and change. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F, though this isn't an exact science. This IS CIDER.

From The Cidery: Complex spice notes are well balanced with fresh apple tartness to deliver warmth and brightness. Perfect as crisp autumn sun gives way to the damp chill of winter. Infused with a personal chai spice blend and then sweetened with clover honey. Black pepper and cardamom shine along with wonderful aromatics adding to the fruitiness of the blended cider. A touch of honey enhances the aroma and balances the sharp apple but does not add sweetness. It all comes together as spicy, robust and elegant.

Pair this with: We successfully tried a Salmon Tikka! But this is a great cider for around a firepit, too, and also terrific for a winter celebration!  Drink your cider with food. It is delicious.

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