Chatter Creek Ashmead's Kernel Single-Varietal (500 mL, 9.5% ABV)

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Tasting Notes:  This is one of the most affordable SV (single varietal) bottles out there. Simply light delicious and lingering. A real delight. Get some today.

From the cidery: An old world apple discovered in the 18th Century, Ashmead’s Kernel originated in Gloucestershire, England and has been delighting cider makers ever since. 
Our varietal ciders are custom pressed from Washington grown apples and slowly fermented to retain their beautiful aromas, bright mouthfeel and lasting finish. We have kept this cider off-dry to maintain the fruit’s natural brightness and food friendly character. Chatter Creek’s Ashmead’s Kernel is the perfect pairing with shellfish, grilled halibut or any hot and spicy delicacy.

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