Far West Cider Proper Dry 16 oz, (6.9% ABV)


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This is basically a 500 ml bottle stuffed into a can.  And it is another exclusive, this cider doesn't ship from anywhere else!

Flavor Profile: Celebrate any season with Far West’s Proper Dry! Pop one open and smell the crisp fermented nose - bready and citrus. A terrific zingy mouthfeel with good bubbles and lemon and toast. Finishes clean and dry. Good thing this is a 750 mL! I need more. "This is made from apples?" Cider is flexible. Find your style!

You wanna know if you got a good cider? Let it warm up and taste the flavor profiles develop and change. The ideal temperature range is between 45° F and 65° F (55° F being midpoint), though this isn't an exact science. This IS CIDER.

From the cidery: Our Proper Dry cider uses a mixed blend of apples from our orchards with an emphasis on the crisp and clean acidity that gives most tart apples their zing. This blend packs a whole bunch of fruit on the nose while keeping a crispy clean and fully dry finish on the palate. We think it pairs well with your favorite fish on a dish, mornings on the sundeck, and trying hard, but not too hard.

Pair it with: Shellfish! Chimichurri on an oyster? That'll do. My dad and mom tell me they mostly drink this cider as they watch Netflix and eat popcorn. That works, too! Drink your cider with food. It is delicious.

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