Eve's Cidery 2018 Perry Pear 750 mL (6% ABV) DREAMY GORGEOUS CLEAN


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Figs, honey and nutmeg on the nose. The palate is complex and evolving with pear cobbler, gun flint and battered rocks. The finish is substantial and not at all sweet with lemon pith and crunchy beach sand.

The Story of Perry Pear 2018

Somewhere in the the hills and valleys of the Finger Lakes grows the perfect perry making pear. A tree, grown from a seed dropped by birds or deer, that has survived and even thrived in the wild. A tree born here, in this place, and bearing sugary, tannic fruit with gorgeous aromas and clean acidity.

The laden pear tree, standing upwards of 40 feet tall, with healthy foliage, tells the fruit explorer something important-- the tree has some level of fireblight resistance. This deadly bacterial disease will strike a pear tree, move into its vascular system and eventually kill it.

The native European perry pears inspire us with their sophisticated flavors, so we look for them in their more rugged, naturalized decedents. To date we have grafted 2 individuals to our new perry orchard: Ridge-- a massive vigorous tree bearing huge cops of rock hard blemish free tannin bombs and Langford--a smaller more compact tree with outrageously aromatic pears.

While the hunt continues, we ferment our finds into the perry of our best dreams. Since 2018 was an off year for wild biennial pear trees, the quantity is extremely limited. If you can stop yourself from drinking every last drop, put one in your cellar: this highly structured perry will age well.

Pair it with: Chèvre and perry almost always make magic together. Also try tamales with poblano peppers.


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