Disgorged Vertical Herout Tasting Kit (3) 750 mL bottles


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Vertical Tasting of (3) Maison Hérout Organic Ciders

Celebrate at home with your own special mini-vertical tasting of (3) Maison Herout vintage ciders.  Vertical tastings allow you to taste ciders made by the same producer using fruit from the same orchards but made in different years. By tasting the same ciders from different vintages side-by-side, the goal is to explore both the similarities and differences in the ciders, which may be subtle or more noticeable depending on the year.

Each vintage also has distinct characteristics that set it apart from others. The differences can be generally attributed to the age of the cider which often affects texture, aroma/flavor intensity; and the weather during the year which can affect aromas, flavors, texture and body.

Mini-vertical includes the following three 750ml bottles:

  • (1) Vintage AOC Cotentin Micro-Cuvee No. 2 Disgorgement 2019
  • (1) Vintage AOC Cotentin Tradition Brut 2019
  • (1) Vintage AOC Cotentin Grand Cuvee Extra Brut 2017

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