Sixknot Elderberry Fire Cider 473 mL Non Alcoholic


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Sixknot Sea Fire Cider is a non-alcoholic herbal infusion that blends the best of nutrients and flavors from the land and the sea. It is zing for the palate, and support for the immune system, all in one bottle.

From the land comes organic apple cider vinegar and a medley of herbs, spices, fruits and vegetables that tradition and modern research have found to support a healthy immune system. We cold press whole raw fruit and tubers to preserve the volatile oils, flavors and nutrients that can be lost with pre-processed products. All our farm based ingredients are certified organic.

From the sea comes fresh, whole Alaskan kelp. The nutrients in kelp are a unique palette of micronutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, trace elements, soluble and insoluble fibers - many of which are not available in terrestrial food sources. Our Organic Ocean blend has twice the kelp, and twice the ocean nutrients of our other blends.

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