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Alpenfire Ember

Flavor Profile: Intensely rich, and bone dry, woody, with both citrus and oak. The tannins resonate deep through and through. Great complexity. At the end of the sip, your mouth will ring like a bell for more. It's quite good.

From The Cidery: Made from late season, estate grown bittersweet apples. Vilberie, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and other apple varieties give this cider a traditional tannic flavor and astringent mouth feel. Ember is bottle conditioned to a cracking carbonation, it is unfiltered and organical. A hint of sweetness brings out a subtle caramel flavor without masking the complexity of these apples. 

Cheese Pair - Camembert Brie or a Stilton.

 Chatter Creek Ashmead’s Kernel

Flavor Profile: This is one of the most affordable SV (single varietal) bottles out there. Simply light delicious and lingering. A real delight.

From the cidery: An old world apple discovered in the 18th Century, Ashmead’s Kernel originated in Gloucestershire, England and has been delighting cider makers ever since. Our varietal ciders are custom pressed from Washington grown apples and slowly fermented to retain their beautiful aromas, bright mouthfeel and lasting finish. We have kept this cider off-dry to maintain the fruit’s natural brightness and food friendly character. 

Cheese Pair – Soft cow cheese like Blue cheese – this cider complements stronger tastes

 Far West Orchard Blend #1

Flavor Profile: Cider is an agricultural product. This cider represents this fact perfectly. The Scene - You are on a blanket in an orchard in the Central Valley of California. The aroma of growing crops surrounds you. The cider in your hand contains most of these flavors, and your mouth keeps shouting at your brain "OH, THAT IS TASTY!" 

From the Cidery: This cider uses a combination of GoldRush, Cripps Pink and Granny Smith apples grown on Chinchiolo Family Farms. It is fermented with Champagne yeast at very low temperatures and aged to develop more complexity than your typical cider. Fruit-forward, sparkling, and just barely semi-sweet with great acid balance

Cheese Pair - brie style cheeses but a favorite is Mt Tam by cowgirl creamery

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