Worley's Cider Mendip Hills (500 mL, 6.4% ABV)


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Mendip Hills is largely made from apple varieties that mature right at the end of the harvest season. Often being pressed as Autumn really sets itself towards Winter, the fruit has usually been quietly maturing in cool orchard grass for a while before we get our hands on it.

The resulting cider includes lots of smooth tannins and is blended with lighter, sharper juice to produce a bright and fruity Dry cider.

* - This bottle has a date stamp on it from the FDA that says “Best before May 2018”. As you probably are aware, cider is wine, and ages quite well. We feel that this label is factual, but probably not applicable. The bottle does contain sulphites to maintain freshness. Printed lot 0018


"Just to let you know the Mendip Hills cider is probably the best cider I have tasted.”

Paul Wrigglesworth, Owner, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Wincanton


“Your ‘Mendip Hills’ is the finest cider I’ve ever tasted. Fantastic stuff. Cheers!”

David @TwopTwips

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