Alpenfire Cortland SV 750 mL v 2019 (6% ABV) DRINK FIRST GOBSMACK


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Flavor Profile: Gob-smacker! Light, refreshing. Clean. Organic. Taste Single Varietals (SV), this one here sure is pretty. Very special.

From The Cidery: In 1898 the Cortland apple was created from a cross between the Ben Davis & McIntosh apples. It was the first commercially successful apple hybrid & the Cortland got the best qualities of both apples. This medium dry single varietal cider has an aroma & flavor reminiscent of a cross between a Vinho Verde and a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with hints of Melon, green pepper, and plum along with the delicate flavors of kiwi and asian pear. These apples are organically grown by Heirloom Orchards of Hood River Oregon. Lightly carbonated & refreshingly crisp. 

Pair this with: Cortland is an elegant drinking sipper/ripper reminiscent of a Vinho Verde, enjoy with Seafood, Thai food, cheese & small charcuterie plates. 

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