Alpenfire Ember 750 mL (7.5 % ABV)


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Estate Sparkling Cider
Winner, GLINTCAP Silver 2017
Winner, GLINTCAP Bronze 2015
Winner, Cidercraft Medal Bronze 2018

Flavor Profile: Intensely rich, and bone dry, woody, with both citrus and oak. The tannins resonate deep through and through. Great complexity. At the end of the sip, your mouth will ring like a bell for more. Look at those medals up there. It's quite good.

From The Cidery: Made from late season, estate grown bittersweet apples. Vilberie, Dabinett, Yarlington Mill and other apple varieties give this cider a traditional tannic flavor and astringent mouth feel. Ember is bottle conditioned to a cracking carbonation, it is unfiltered and organical. A hint of sweetness brings out a subtle caramel flavor without masking the complexity of these apples. 

Pair it with: This cider will pair well with most meals but particularly chicken and seafood dishes. I happened to try it with shrimp egg rolls, pork pot stickers and a hot and sour soup. All was good.

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