Alpenfire Flame - 2016 Methode Champenoise 750 mL (8.5% ABV) WILD DRY BUBBLES


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Alpenfire's Flame - This ORGANIC champagne method cider is released every other year

Part of the certified organic estate line and lets you bring the fire to your next party!  Harvested in 2016 - Organic estate grown Foxwhelp, Kingston Black, Yarlington Mill, Ashmeads Kernel & Brown Snout

This well aged sparkling cider is made in the traditional champagne method, a long slow primary fermentation of traditional cider fruit. Matured in stainless for 4 months and racking for clarity. Then bottled for a secondary fermentation and aging on the lees (dead yeast) for 14 months before moving into the riddling racks where it sits at a 45 degree angle neck down where it is turned a quarter turn daily until the lees have settled in the neck. At that point the bottle gets disgorged (ejecting) the lees by opening up each bottle under pressure. Each bottle gets topped off with a very small amount of Mistelle before adding the cork and label. A labor of love doesn’t say enough about this cider, upwards of 3 years in the making if you include growing the fruit. Hope you enjoy it for its earthy tannins and complexity.

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