Alpenfire Spark - 750 mL (8.9 % ABV)


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Flavor Profile: Tannic reach, and apple orchard 'must' carry this cider through! So delicious. Lara says: "Very pleasant to Drink!"  I tasted a lot of melon in this one, which was a delight. You could have this cider every night, and keep asking for it. Such a charmer.

From The Cidery: Alpenfire's Spark, a unique blend of organic heirloom apples. Varietals grown in Sequim, WA like Melrose & Winter Banana make up 80% of the blend while our estate Brown Snouts, Foxwhelp's and Vilberie round out the last 20% and help give this cider a nice astringent finish.

Pair it with: We had it with some roasted and terrifically seasoned cauliflower with a bunch of sausages. Would do that again.

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