Alpenfire Yarlington Mill 750mL (5% ABV) GET IT GOING


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We are pleased to announce a new single varietal cider to our lineup!

The Yarlington Mill! This cider is 100% estate grown organic Yarlington Mill apples from the 2019 harvest.

This apple is a classic cider apple discovered in Somerset, England around 1898, it is a true bittersweet with great aromatics. Smooth yellowish skin slightly blushed and a hint of russetting in the stem cavity. 

Lite astringency and a sweet candy like flavor make this apple a real treat. We have always loved this apple but, it has not been to the easiest to work with in our organic maritime climate orchard. Bi-annualness, low pollination, purple leaves with blood red veins are just some of the fun things we have worked through.

It has been a goal of ours to make a single varietal with this little trouble-maker and now we finally can present it to you! 

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