ANXO Time & Place (12 oz, 6.9% ABV)


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Time and Place: Terroir-driven Natural Ciders

A series of ciders released annually to reflect the harvest year and origin of a particular time and place. For each iteration, juice is naturally fermented in a neutral wood cask, allowing the terroir from which the apples came to most fully express itself. The resulting ciders differ from one another only on account of the unique characteristics of the apples employed and the moments they captured.

This years Time and Place features ciders that began fermentation at the end of 2020, finished in 2021, and were matured for a year before packaging in 2022. For the second year in a row, we are featuring orchards from Pennsylvania, Vermont and Virginia, three of our favorite places to find the apples we love.

Time and Place Pennsylvania:

Harvest Season:
Heavy rain threatened this harvest but the rolling hills of the South Mountain fruit belt sheltered the two orchards we partner with annually. Spy is a relic there and Dabinett is just starting to be grown, but despite very different overall flavors they both produce flavors that are quintessentially apple-y. Having matured gracefully this harvest, the apples in this edition are exceptional and the simple pairing of Spy and Dabinett is a wonderful one we won’t soon forget!

Aroma: Fresh apple juice w/ a hint of tea

Flavor: Exceptional perceived sweetness marries apple-forward notes with embracing citrus fruit notes like tangerine and clementine

Pairing: Peking duck, Al pastor tacos, buckwheat crepes

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