Better Than Fruitcake 13-Pack of Fruited Ciders

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For the fruited cider lovers out there, this kit is for you! This also makes for a great gift, because nobody actually wants a fruitcake for Christmas.

This 13-pack of ciders includes ciders with various added fruits.

Ciders Included:

Greenwood Cider HuckleBerry (500 mL)
Alpenfire Calypso (500 mL)  blackberry
Far West Cider You Guava Be Kidding Me (16 oz)
Lassen Pear Cider (500 mL)
Wildcraft Aronia Berry (500 mL)
Bauman's Cranberry Cider (500 mL)
Bull Run Cherry Blush Cider (16 oz)
Greenwood Cider Lingonberry (500 mL)
Bauman's Loganberry Cider (500 mL)
Finnriver Black Currant (500 mL)
Goat Rock Rosé (12 oz) - passionfruit
Wildcraft YOUR FRUIT YOUR CIDER (12 oz) - pears & plums
Bauman's Peach Raspberry Cider (500 mL)

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