Chatter Creek Heritage 500 mL (9.5% ABV) BEAUTY UNIVERSALLY ENJOYED

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Flavor profile: Heritage opens and pours out a deep rich and golden color. Apple scents waft out of the glass. Upon delivery to your mouth, you’ll find that the flavor starts small and builds to a crescendo of refined elegance. Classic Cider tastes that invigorate!

From The Cidery: Chatter Creek Cider’s Heritage Blend honor the orchardist by applying decades of winemaking experience to craft a cider using the perfect blend of heirloom apples to achieve a delicate balance of bright fruit, full body, and lasting finish in a true wine-style cider. Our Heritage Blend cider is semi-sweet to balance the acidity and bring out the fruit in a very approachable fine cider. Invite the Heritage Blend to your table and enjoy with any creamy sauced pasta, roasted chicken, or a cheese and fruit plate.

Pair this with: A big family dinner! Whether it is a traditional holiday, or you got together on a whim, family is important. Whether it is the family you are born with, or the family you choose - Share the good stuff with them. Drink your cider with food. It is delicious.

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