Chatter Creek Plum Spice 500 mL (6.9% ABV) GOOD TIMES NOT LONG TIMES


Sale price$8.49


During COVID times - the bars closed. Draft cider was hard to come by. We worked with Chatter Creek to bottle up a "Draft ONLY" cider and let us sell some of it! It's a great feel good, all around win story: Cider Maker gets paid for cider that wasn't going to the bars, Press Then Press gets an exclusive, You get a great cider and at a great price that you can't find anywhere else!

Tasting Notes:  Plum Spice - Seasonal, Apple cider blended with plum and spices

From the cidery: Plum juice and chai spices are blended in for a cider touting sharp-tartness from the thick-skinned plum juice. Warming, spiced fruit fills a palate full then quickly dries and shows spice more as seasoning than sweetness, finishing tart, tangy and festive.

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