Cider Summit Portland 2022


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Look at these ciders - ALL OREGON! 

Cider to arrive after the Festival, fulfilled in the weeks after the event 

Line-up for the cider:

Includes 1 of each* - all 12 oz (355 mL)

SWAG Coasters and stickers from the producers and Press Then Press. 

  1. 2 Towns Made Marion 
  2. 2 Towns Bright Cider 
  3. 2 Towns Cosmic Crisp 
  4. 2 Towns Cherry Sublime 
  5. Portland Cider Peach Berry 
  6. Portland Cider Kinda Dry
  7. Reverend Nat’s Revival Hard Apple 
  8. Reverend Nat’s Sacrilege Sour Cherry
  9. Anthem Cherry
  10.  Anthem Cider 
  11. Wildcraft Your Fruit Your Cider
  12. Wildcraft Wild Rose

* - subject to change due to availability

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