Dwinell Country Ales Forrest Dry Cider (16 oz, 6.7% ABV)


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Forrest Dry Cider is a dry, high-acid cider made from Jonathan, Winesap, Roxbury Russet, and Braeburn apples.

Fermentation occurs spontaneously, without the use of lab-grown yeast or addition of sulfites. These wild ciders ferment for upwards of 100 days in stainless steel tanks at refrigeration temperatures. The cold, repressed fermentation enables us to retain and, in turn, showcase the delicate aromatic structure of each blend. This slowed ferment also allows for the natural sedimentation of pectin to occur without the use of lab-derived clarifying agents or application of mechanical filters.

Each cider is then packaged prior to the end of fermentation, resulting in a fine, natural carbonation to develop in package - a traditional method commonly known as pétillant natural or “pét-nat.”

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