Eden Cinderella's Slipper 750 mL (7.5% ABV)


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PROFILE: still

Bittersweets: Bulmer's Norman, Stembridge Cluster, Michelin, Muscadet de Dieppe, Binet Rouge Sharps: Esopus Spitzenburg, Rhode Island Greening, Spartan, Baldwin, Orleans Reinette, Reinette Clochard, Calville Blanc d'Hiver, Rubinette, Ashmead's Kernel Sweets: Grimes Golden, Egremont Russet, Golden Russet, Snow Sweet, Blue Pearmain


GROWN BY: Eden Orchards

METHOD: fermented the fragrant juice with ambient yeast, and left it on its lees for one year,no sulphur added

TASTING NOTES: honeycomb, white flowers, bittersweet apple, and pear

Cinderella’s Slipper is produced from a field blend of apple varieties estate-grown at our biodynamic orchard in West Charleston, Vermont. Spontaneously fermented and racked only once from tank to bottle in June of 2017, it was aged 18 months in bottle to allow its powerful tannins and acidity to integrate and mellow naturally. It is unfiltered and unfined, with no added sulfites. Enjoy as you would a bold white wine. 

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: rustic roast pork, mustard-braised guinea hen, and cassoulet.

7.5% ABV | 0g residual sugar

Serving Size: 8 oz. | Calories per serving: 135 | Carbs: 0
Gluten free, vegan friendly

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