Eden Harvest Cider 355 mL (6.4% ABV) CANS CRUSH IT


Quantity: 1 CAN
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PROFILE: Off-dry, clean, refreshing

APPLE VARIETIES: Dabinett • McIntosh • Empire • Spartan • Esopus Spitzenburg

GROWN BY: Eden Orchards, Poverty Lane Orchards, Scott Farm, Sunrise Orchards, Windfall Orchard

METHOD: Slow cold fermentation, blended with a few drops of ice cider, filtered, carbonated and pasteurized.

TASTING NOTES: applesauce, honey, white grape, slate

PAIRING SUGGESTIONS: Curries, barbecue, outdoor activities

Serving Size: 1 can | Calories per serving: 140 | Carbs: 4g = 0.3CARB
Gluten free, vegan friendly

Great Lakes International Cider Competition Gold Medal Winner 2019

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