El Carrascu Sidra de Asturias 700 mL (6% ABV)


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Family owned since its creation at the end of the 1800’s, Sidra Acebal produces a lovely pair of ciders in Gijon, Asturias. I’m currently offering their D.O.P. “El Carrascu” cider, produced primarily from native Asturian apple varieties Regona, Durona de Tresali, Raxao, Carrio and Limon Montes. I find the D.O.P. ciders to have a more citric, less fruity profile (likely due to the selection of apple varieties, as non-D.O.P. ciders can, and normally do, include apples from other parts of Europe), and I think El Carrascu has an interesting extra bit of funky complexity to it. Asturian ciders are best served cool, not cold, and ideally poured in the traditional escanciar method–high above the head, to create a slight carbonation in the cider and open it up aromatically. This is done in small portions to be drunk immediately–however, it also tastes great simply poured into a wineglass.

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