Eve's Cidery 2018 Darling Creek 750 mL (6% ABV) SWEETLY BALANCED FUNK


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A ripe, sweet nose with red cherry, persimmon and vanilla cake offers up a juicy, generous mid-palate. The firm, suede finish goes on forever with toffee bar, nut skin and buttered pastry.

Serving Suggestion:

Cured pork salami like Sopressata or Finocchiona or sour dough toast with cultured butter.

The Story of Darling Creek 2018

Each growing season has a story to tell and the story of 2018  was one of water and clouds. From the almost maritime weather, emerged ciders with some of the most delicate and lovely aromas we have ever made.

We decided to take a softer approach with this softer Darling Creek. Instead of following the traditional method, we bottled it before primary fermentation had finished, pét-nat style. The flavor dense apples grown in our organically-farmed orchard have very little nitrogen which resulted in a very slow, sluggish fermentation that produced tiny, creamy bubbles and left residual sugar at disgorging.

With a significant amount of bittersweet Somerset Redstreak and bittersharp Krys, this generous cider is backed by juicy acidity and abundant tannin which gives it solid structure and a lingering finish.

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