Far West Cider Art Series #1 Chonnessey Bowie - 355 mL 1 CAN (8.1% ABV) ART FUNK TASTE


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We believe in the power of visual arts to inspire creativity and create community. From the day we started Far West we have been looking for a way to meaningfully collaborate with the local arts community.

Far West Art Series #1 - Chonnessey Bowie - 8.1% ABV
In his own words, Chonnessey Bowie aka @_chondon is an Oakland based abstract expressionist with a focus on life and history when he seeks to create. He likes to blend old and new history as well as past and present facts to create a story that all can relate to. Chonnessey lists Picasso, Basquiat, Pollack and de Kooning as major influences.

We love his work and think you will too.

This cider is fully dry, quite textural, and nicely runs the balance between deep savory funkiness and bright fruity notes. The blend consists of more than 50% GoldRush apples that we fermented with native yeasts with zero additions and then later melded this with a field blend of apples from our orchards to balance it's funky edge with a fruity intensity and crispness. This cider was packaged still with a bit of residual sugar and allowed to can-condition over the last few months and is now tasting incredible with a pleasingly fine rush of effervescence.

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