Far West Cider JST B YRSLF - 473 mL 1 CAN (6.3% ABV) JST B YRSLF


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Some pretty solid advice and also the name of our newest semi-dry cider.

JST B YRSLF is a bright and shiny apple with a dose of raw unfiltered honey sourced direct from some of the very same bee colonies that we use to pollinate our own orchards (some real full circle farm-based voodoo happening here).

It looks like a carbonated sundrop and it smells and tastes like the very apples and honey that it is made from, which is to say: pretty fantastic.

On the dryer side of semi-dry. It's pretty great.

Reminder - these cans are just under 500 mL. this is a great bargain for real good cider in a convenient can.

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