Finnriver Golden Russett (750 mL, 9.5% ABV)


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Style: Orchard Series

Sweetness: Semi-Dry

Alcohol Percentage: 9.5% abv

Bottle Volume: 750 ml.


Aromas of pears and white wine, a bit of cucumber and grapefruit rind. This cider hits the pallet with flowing acidity around the mouth with a background of earthy bitters to hold the acidity in check, clean and crisp with a lingering pithy finish.  


2022 Portland International Cider Cup Winner (Gold), 2018 Good Food Award


Made with a blend of traditional ‘russeted’ organic apples grown on Finnriver's Organic orcahrd inclusing Golden Russet, Ashmeads Kernal, Karmijn de Sonneville, Belle de Boskoop, Claygate Pearmaine, plus some organic Golden Russet apples from Ashland, Oregon.


Made strong and intentional efforts to mature this cider as one would a high acid table wine. The cider is estery- meaning the acid notes are melded into alcohol to develop a smooth body with difficult to name aromatics. Three different yeasts, fermented separately, aged as one for 8 months. The combination of the Oregon apples is new this year and brought a full presence of the “champagne apple” Golden Russet. Balancing that lovely acidity with the aromatics of the Finnriver antique fruit has culminated into a cider of we are proud of.


Pour into a flute for fun and a bit more to chew on than champagne, bring to a fall picnic and pair with cured sausages, smoked cheeses, dried apricots and a kiss from your sweetheart.

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