Fuchshof German Cider (12 oz, 5.5% ABV)


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Style: Classic German rough cider"
Fuchshof, Konstanz-Dingelsdorf, Germany

Fuchshof - Most consists of the apple varieties “Braeburn” and “Jonagold”, mixed with the pear varieties “Oberösterreichische Weinbirne (Austrian Speckbirne)” and “Schweizer Wasserbirne (Swiss Kluderbirne)”.

The Germans use a method that is remotely similar to the pressing & filtering of high end sake:
1. They wrap the crushed apples into canvas
2. Put a wooden board on top of it
3. Another layer of crushed apples in canvas on top of it
4 .Another wooden board on top of it
...and so on unitl they create 10 layers.

Fuchshof German Cider {tart/sour "Most"}

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