Herout Pommeau 750 mL (17% ABV)


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Produced from apples in specially designated organic orchards on the Cotentin peninsula, this aperitif wine is made by mixing 3/4 fresh apple cider and 1/4 one-year-old Calvados (a cognac-style spirit made from apples) then aging it for at least 14 months in old oak barrels at the Hérout estate in Normandy, France. 

Tasting Notes

A deep amber color. Delectable apple aromas with a subtle fruit finish that lingers on the pallet. 

How to Serve

For a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up, pour 3 oz of Hérout Pommeau de Normandie mixed with one tablespoon of Hérout Cider Vinegar over ice. Yummy!!

  • Can be enjoyed neat or over ice as an aperitif before your meal. 
  • Pairs beautifully with prosciutto-wrapped melon appetizers.
  • A wonderful compliment to apple or chocolate desserts.
  • Also used for cooking and making sauces for seafood.  

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