Lassen Traditional Farmhouse Dry 750 mL (8% ABV) FLAGSHIP WILD COMPLEX


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Our flagship barrel-aged, wild fermented cider featuring a mix of American heirloom varieties, but predominantly King David apples.

We start by harvesting apples at the peak of ripeness from the California Cascade and Sierra foothill regions above our home in Chico. American Heirloom varieties that have a rich tradition in cider-making are used including King David, Arkansas Black, Jonathan, Winesap, and Newtown Pippin. We make cider seasonally during the harvest, as it was done traditionally. The fresh pressed juice is fermented in neutral red wine barrels. No sulfites are used so the wild yeasts present on the fruit are allowed to play a role in the fermentation, leading to an exciting complexity. The cider is fermented fully dry. At bottling, a small amount of fresh juice is added so that the cider is naturally carbonated from bottle conditioning. This is a live product - refrigerate or cellar.

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