Liberty Ciderworks Manchurian Crabapple Single-Varietal (375 ML, 12.5% ABV)


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About Apéritif-style cider single-varietal cider. Manchurian Crabapples are tiny (cherry sized) but pack a huge flavor punch. This unique cider offers a full-bodied, intensely-flavored experience like a port wine or French Pommeau (but without the added brandy).  ABV 12.5%
Flavor Notes Black cherry, vanilla and mandarin orange flavors dominate, complimented by bold tannins and crisp acidity.   Sweetness Semi-Sweet
Suggested Pairings Enjoy on its own or as a apéritif/digestif, with soft artisan cheeses or with rich, creamy desserts Tannins Medium Plus
Acidity Medium


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