Alpenfire Pirate's Planks 750 mL (6.9% ABV) ORGANIC & SULFITE FREE


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Old World Estate Bittersharp
Winner, GLINTCAP Gold Medal 2014, 2015
Winner, GLINTCAP Bronze Medal 2011, 2013
Winner, Northwest Brewing News Reader’s Choice Awards 2010

A certified organic estate blend of early bittersharp cider apples, modeled after English dry cider. Native yeast fermented and oak matured. Taste the legend! 

Flavor Profile: The Flagship cider from Alpenfire. Reminiscent of traditional scrumpy English cider.  Unfiltered and unpasteurized. Fully dry. Tart and tannic. Some funk. Light bodied. Citrus, floral, oak, and earthy notes. Scrumpy. Long finish. Drink it like a pirate would.

From The Cidery: This Estate Bone Dry blended cider of primarily Kingston Black and Foxwhelp will rob you of your misconceptions that cider is sweet.
This organically certified cider is bottle conditioned, barrel aged, unfiltered and unpasteurized. 

Pair this with: Sour beer fans - pay attention! It is fantastic with a spicy or rich meal or as a refreshing drink all on its own.

A review!

My personal favorite cidery on the West Coast, Alpenfire makes absolutely splendid ciders.  Alpenfire ciders are generally made from heirloom cider varietals (which aren’t always apples you’d want to eat out of hand). Their Pirate Plank Bone-Dry cider is made from a combination of Kingston Black and Foxwhelp apples, and it is, as advertised, utterly non-sweet. Forest floor, smoke and a bit of an animal note are prominent. -


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