Reverend Nat's Tepache 400 Rabbits (16 oz, 2.7% ABV)


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Pineapple tepache with Tamarind and spices.

The Aztec myth of the 400 drunken rabbit Gods explains all levels of intoxication. There's a rabbit God for the drunkard dancing and stepping on people's toes. There's a rabbit God for that feeling of flying when you're really drunk. And there's a rabbit God for "drunken fertility". How awesome.

I was first introduced to the myth of the 400 Rabbits from my friend and amazing homebrewer Aaron Durán. He makes a tamarind cider that is simply phenomenal. And he's a big fan of my Tepache. So when it came time for my annual flavored Tepache, I asked Aaron if I could borrow his taste buds to help do the blending, his experience with tamarind to get the flavor right, and of course that wonderful name. Our collaboration consists of my Traditional Tepache (made from piloncillo, fermented pineapples and a hint of pie spices), blended with tamarind, some ghost chile extract and a couple secret ingredients that I will absolutely tell you if we get drunk together. 

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