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Victorian by provenance, Kings & Spies is a cider fit for royalty or rogues. Crafted from King apples, Northern Spies and other apples of mysterious lineage, this off-dry cider is crowd-sourced and community-minded to the core. A portion of proceeds supports Growing Chefs, a program which educates BC families about growing and preparing healthy food. Kings & Spies pairs with everything from crispy potato chips to chicken salad and complex seafood dishes. 
Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Gently effervescent, light straw in colour, bright.
Aromas, flavours: Reminiscent of Prosecco; delicate; hint of floral and herbaceous notes
Acid/sweetness: Mellowed acidity, off-dry.
Mouthfeel: Minimal astringency, slight creaminess.

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