Sea Cider Ruby Rose 750 mL (9.9% ABV) MOAR PATIO TIME


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A captivating semi-sweet cider infused with rhubarb, Ruby Rose is a beguiling vixen and part of our Canadian Invasion Series. She may be as aromatic as rhubarb pie, but her namesake is the merciless Rosa Rugosa, an invasive plant that threatens many coastal regions. Proceeds from our Canadian Invasion Series support efforts to combat invasive species in sensitive ecological areas.

The Story:

Across North America, invasive plants are a threat to farms and natural areas alike. On the west coast, well-known invaders include botanicals such as ‘Rosa Rugosa’ and ‘The Trailing Wild Blackberry,’ a cousin of the Himalayan Blackberry. The Canadian Invasion Series aims to raise funds and awareness to combat invasive species.

Ruby Rose combines the best of BC cider apples, rhubarb, and rose hips. First, we mill and juice our BC apples and add champagne yeast to begin fermentation. Fermentation happens at cool temperatures to maximize the aromatics of the cider base. A rose hip and rhubarb-infused cider eau de vie is then blended with the BC apple cider base resulting in a sharp yet balanced fruit-infused cider.

Tasting Notes:

Appearance: Sparkling rosé
Aromas/Flavours: Green apple, orchard leaves, rhubarb, rose hips, confectionary notes
Acid/Sweetness: Tart and balanced with residual sweetness
Mouth feel: Sharp yet smooth with minimal tannins, long and viscous finish

Suggested Food Pairings:

Ruby Rose pairs fabulously with light summertime meals and is perfect as a patio sipper. Consider sautéed prawns, a creamy brie, or candied salmon salad. It also pairs well with fresh fruits, salty snacks, and light desserts. Mix it with soda water to create cider spritzers or use it as a base for a unique sangria. Anything goes with Ruby Rose!

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