Single-Varietal Sampler: 6 Bottles of 3 types of Single Varietal Ciders

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Curated equally for the cider geek and for the novice cider drinker who wants to explore the range of cider, we bring you the Single-Varietal Sampler Kit. In this kit, you'll receive two different versions of three different single-varietal ciders, for a total of six bottles. These are perfect for doing side-by-side tastings and exploring how terroir impacts cider.

All of these cidermakers and the apples used are from different locales on the West Coast, and the three apple varieties are each from a different category of apple (apples for cider typically fall under one of four categories - bittersharp, bittersweet, sharp, or sweet - based on acidity and tannin levels). 

Gravenstein: A sharp (high in acidity, low in tannin) apple originating from 17th century Denmark, this apple is equally sweet and tart.

Ciders Included Apple Source
Wildcraft Gravenstein (500 mL) Windfall apples gathered from homesteads in Lane and Linn County, OR
Liberty Ciderworks Gravenstein (500 mL) Hood River, OR


Yarlington Mill: A bittersweet (high in tannins, low in acidity) apple originating from Somerset, England.

Ciders Included Apple Source
Two Broads - Yarlington Mill (500 mL) Sierra Cider orchard in Mariposa County, CA
Alpenfire Yarlington Mill  (750 mL) Estate-grown apples from Port Townsend, WA


Kingston Black: A bittersharp (high in tannins, high in acidity) apple originating from Somerset, England.

Ciders Included Apple Source
Bull Biter Cider - The Black King '21 (500 mL) Wombat Flats Farms in Corvallis, OR
Greenwood Cider Kingston Black (500 mL ) Two different orchards in Western WA

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