Stem Paloma 355 mL (5% ABV)


Quantity: 1 CAN
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A fresh twist on the classic cocktail. Made from fresh pressed apple juice, grapefruit and key lime juice, agave, black peppercorns and juniper berries.

This off-dry cider is crisp, citrusy, bright and peppery with a smooth agave finish.

"Paloma, our new seasonal release is a cocktail-inspired cider made with fresh-pressed apple juice, grapefruit puree, key lime puree, agave, juniper berry, and black peppercorn.

“We obviously couldn't put tequila in this cider, so we tried the next best thing by brewing a juniper and black pepper tea,” said Head Cider Maker, Ian Capps.

“It was developed after an afternoon tequila tasting where our team painstakingly sipped a fleet of Reposado, Anejo, and Blanco tequilas under the sun on the Acreage deck while compiling flavor notes from each. Black pepper and juniper were the most commonly identified flavor notes so we started there.”

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