Superstition Blueberry Spaceship Box 750 mL (5.5 % ABV) OUTER SPACE MOUTH


Sale price$25.99


Blueberry Spaceship Box is the top rated cider in the world on both (100 points) and Untappd. This provocative blend of tart apples and semi-sweet blueberries has made BSB the unabashed world leader in cider flavor.


Violet hued champagne.


Massive blueberry aroma plays with green apple, rose and orange blossom.


Blueberry dominates but is lightly restrained by granny smith apple skin tannin while subtle notes of vanilla and dark muscovado sugar lend complexity to this cider that finishes crisp and refreshing.


Interstellar exploration.


A loaded hamburger, pistachio encrusted rack of lamb, smoked salmon.

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