The Perfect Pairing, Premium Edition // Valentine's Day Gift Set from The Stemmery and Press Then Press


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The Stemmery has collaborated with Press Then Press to bring you what we consider to be the premium perfect pairing for Valentine's Day: A grande sized Rainier Bouquet and a elegant bottle of Alpenfire Flame 2016 Méthode Champenoise, a cider in the champagne style, complete with a cork & cage. Order now, and have this gift set delivered on Valentine's Day to any Seattle address for $5.

Included in your order, you'll receive:

• A grande sized Rainier Bouquet, similar to the one pictured. It will be a curated selection of beautiful winter blooms likely featuring Roses, Butterfly Ranunculus and Eucalyptus among other things. It will arrive wrapped and you are welcome to include a note that we will add. Indicate what you would like us to say in the 'notes' field at checkout.
• A 750mL bottle of Alpenfire Flame 2016 Méthode Champenoise. This well aged sparkling cider is made in the traditional champagne method, a long slow primary fermentation of traditional cider fruit. Matured in stainless for 4 months and racking for clarity. Then bottled for a secondary fermentation and aging on the lees (dead yeast) for 14 months before moving into the riddling racks where it sits at a 45 degree angle neck down where it is turned a quarter turn daily until the lees have settled in the neck. At that point the bottle gets disgorged (ejecting) the lees by opening up each bottle under pressure. Each bottle gets topped off with a very small amount of Mistelle before adding the cork and label. A labor of love doesn’t say enough about this cider, 3 years in the making. Enjoy its earthy tannins and complexity.
Here are the deets you need to know (please read before purchasing):

• Due to state regulations, you must be 21+ to purchase this gift set.
• Also due to state regulations, the recipient must be 21+ and must be present to receive this delivery. We highly recommend having this delivered to an address where the recipient will be present to receive it (like a home or office where they spend most of the day). Send it to their office! Or your office, and you can bring it to them. 
If there isn't someone home, or 21+, we will leave the flowers but will be unable to leave the cider. Due to the volume of deliveries on Valentine's Day, we will be unable to reattempt deliveries. If you miss your delivery, we will send you the details regarding where to pick up your cider between February 15-17. No refunds will be issued due to missed delivery.
Have a question about all this? email us - we are friendly!  mention this deal & we'll get right back to you. We want you to be happy!

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