Two Broads - Crabby McCrabface (500 mL, 8% ABV)


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About 79% Dolgo Crabapples, 21% Transcendent Crab, all from San Luis Obispo County (CA) ABV 8%
Flavor Notes  Sweetness Dry
Suggested Pairings roast lamb, brie and blue cheese, pumpkin ragout, salted caramel swirl blondie Tannins

From Two Broads Crabby McCrabface takes no prisoners and is not here to make you feel comfortable. While the flavor of a crab apple is difficult to enjoy in it's fresh form, it makes some of the most interesting juice for fermentation. Lots of acid, lots of tannin, and a lot of flavor. Dolgo Crab Apples are about an inch in diameter, more oval, deep garnet, and when pressed the juice comes out vibrant ruby. Transcendant Crab apples are a plump little morsels with yellow skin and pink cheeks that glow on the tree in the twilight. The resulting flavor of this cider is intense. You will feel that tartness climb into your scalp. Full-bodied with light carbonation, flavors reminiscent of pineapple, and earthy funky tannin in the finish.

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