Viuda de Angelon Sidra Brut - 750 mL (6 % ABV)


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CIDER MAKER: Francisco Ordoñez

During primary fermentation wild yeast (spontaneously fermented with native ambient yeasts) sidra natural (natural cider), is chilled to arrest fermentation then racked into a sealed tank in the charmat method and gradually allowed to return to fermentation temperature. It is bottled with a bit of residual sugar to yield a lively, naturally sparkling, off-dry sidra brut that preserves the earthy aromas of traditional sidra.

Native Astúrian apple varieties: Raxao, Xuanina, Durota de Tresalí, Fuentes (sharp); Regona (bittersharp)
Galician apple varieties: Rabiosa de Calobre, Camoesa (sweet); Reineta Parda (sharp)

Great Lakes International Cider & Perry Competition: Gold, 2015, Silver, 2013.

The Cider Journal: There is a rough elegance to this Spanish sparkler that is very appealing. Think Johnny Depp dressed in white. Tom Wark

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