Yonder Cider Ciderkin (16 oz, 4.5% ABV)


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About Rehydrated pomace of freshly pressed Yarlington Mill and Kingston Black apples.  ABV 4.5%

Flavor Notes 

Suggested Pairings  Tannins


From Yonder: Low ABV (4.5%), refreshing and full of flavor, Ciderkin is made from the pomace of freshly pressed apples. We rehydrated them with water, let it macerate (soak) for 48 hours and then pressed again. If you're familiar with Piquette in the wine world, it's the same idea - and just as refreshing. ⁠ Our first Ciderkin release is an Orchard Blend, made from some of our favorite cider apples: Yarlington Mill and Kingston Black. Both are English apple varieties with a beautiful aroma and nice bite.

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