Floral Terranes Cider (Long Island, New York)

Floral Terranes Cider (Long Island, New York)
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    Floral Terranes is one of our favorite new (to us) cider projects of the last few years. Their ciders are delicious, and we love their story. Erik & Ben from Floral Terranes make their ciders and wines on Long Island in NYC with fruit sourced throughout the community. From previously neglected roadside apple trees and otherwise unused fruit trees from homes throughout Long Island, these guys are managing the trees, harvesting the fruit, and letting time do it's thing with these highly enjoyable ciders. Most of their products are still ciders (no carbonation). The cider makers recommend decanting these beauties and enjoying them at room temperature.  

    Check out this great writeup in the NYT (fun to read while sipping on one of their bottles!): They Make Bespoke Cider. In a Garage. With Apples They Find.
    The founders of Floral Terranes take foraging fruit to a whole new level.

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