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6 Bottles of cider, from left to right: Liberty Brown's Apple, Wildcraft Perry, Dragon's Head Stoke Red Cider, Whitewood Apple Tree Folk, and Bauman's Kingston Black cider
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Bottles and cans of cider from left to right: Bauman's Orchard Select #4, Art & Science Mountain Rose Cider, Piquenique Pinotosh, Alma Cider Quince, Yonder Ciderkin, and Dragon's Head Dabinett Reserve
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Empyrical Orchard & Cidery - Variety 6-PackEmpyrical Orchard & Cidery - Variety 6-Pack
Empyrical Orchard & Cidery - Variety 6-Pack
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Alma Cider - Rosé 2022 (500 mL)
Madrone Cider The Kingston Blend cider in a brown bottle with cork and cageMadrone Cider - Kingston Blend (750 mL)
Little Pomona - Table Cider 2022 (750 mL)Little Pomona - Table Cider 2022 (750 mL)
375 mL bottle of Shawnee Hill Farm Pommeau
750 mL bottle of Ferme de Port Coustic Poum ciderFerme de Port Coustic - Poum Cider (750 mL)
750 mL bottle of Madrone Cider 2021 Island Perry sparkling & dry ciderMadrone Cider 2021 Island Perry in a brown cork and caged bottle
Bottle of Little Pomona Hard Rain Hot Pink 2021 Cider in a clear bottle, showing off the cloudy pink color of the ciderLittle Pomona - Hard Rain Hot Pink Cider
Wild Arc Farm - Apples! Cider 2020 (12 oz)
Eden Specialty Ciders - Deep Cut (12 oz)
Whitewood Cider - Gibbs Farm (500 mL)
Limus - Heritage Cider 2020 (750 mL)
Yonder Cider - Ciderkin (16 oz)

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