About Press Then Press

We believe cider is for everyone (21+ of course), and that there is a cider out there for every taste. Whether you are a longtime cider enthusiast or new to drinking cider, we've got you covered. Our goal is to celebrate cider by delivering a variety of fine and crushable ciders straight to your doorstep. We are a family-run business based in Seattle, WA, where we are fortunate to have access to a sh*t ton of amazing Pacific Northwest Ciders and a curated selection of delicious ciders from around the world that we want to share with the masses. Press Then Press is a play on words - the cidermakers press the apples, then you press the buy button. We are just here to make it easy!

Our Story

Our Team

Storie (she/her):

Storie's cider journey began in 2009 when she found out she had a gluten intolerance - shortly after, she happened upon Finnriver Cider at an event, at which point her affinity for cider began. She started seeking out cider everywhere, from the bars and restaurants in her hometown of Seattle, to traveling to renowned cider regions such as the Basque country in Spain, Herefordshire, England, and Normandy, France. Throughout the years, she has enjoyed sharing cider with friends and family and picking out ciders for strangers at stores and cider bars. She became a Certified Pommelier in 2022 to expand her knowledge of cider in hopes of turning even more people into cider drinkers. When she is not thinking about cider, Storie is busy being mom to a toddler, and enjoys gardening, cooking, hiking, traveling, and rooting on Seattle sports teams. You can find her on Twitter @CiderGeek. 

Erik (he/him):

Erik’s big “Aha!” moment with cider came when he first tried Snowdrift's Red fleshed cider at a festival in Seattle. The rest of his tasting tokens that day went to Snowdrift. Seeking out great ciders became a regular part of his and Storie’s travels - from trips across the pond to parading around the US visiting as many orchardists and cideries as possible. The more he learned about apple varieties and cider making traditions, the more he fell in love with cider. He became a Certified Pommelier in 2022 to further his knowledge of cider and to help share the nuances of the beverage and the history of it’s craft with others. Erik is usually busy free-styling jingles to his toddler or organizing his and Storie’s beer & cider cellar, but when he has a bit of free time he likes to ride his bike, catch a ballgame, or take a board game too seriously. You can find him on Instagram @MrOpenContainer.

Ashley (she/her):

Ashley’s cider journey began as one of the people at Storie and Erik’s wedding that tried the Westcott Bay cider and was hooked. Ashley's start in the food and beverage industry began with attending South Seattle Culinary Arts School, and she has spent over a decade cooking in Seattle. She loves creating recipes, teaching cooking classes, and finding unique cider pairings to go along with whatever it is you’re eating. Over the years, she’s gotten to try some of the best ciders in the world via her sister Storie and brother-in-law Erik, and hopes to join them someday in becoming a Certified Pommelier!