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    Ciders from France are well known around the world as some of the best cider available. Normandy and Brittany are the two regions in France with long traditions of making cider (cidre) and perry (poiré), dating back centuries.

    Most french ciders feature bittersweet apple varieties, which are lower in acid and higher in tannins. Long, cool fermentation practices traditionally used result in pronounced aromatics that are a signature of most French cider brands. French ciders range from dry to sweet just like anywhere else, but their prominent use of bittersweet apples leads many to experience the rich apple character and pronounced fruitiness of French ciders as slightly sweet, even when brut or bone dry. 

    French Cider translations to know:

    • Cidre = Cider
    • Poire = Perry
    • Cidre Brut = Dry Cider 5% ABV and up
    • Cidre Doux = Sweet Cider up to 3% ABV
    • Demi Sec = "Half Dry", as in Semi-Dry or Semi-Sweet cider between 3-5% ABV
    • Cidre Fermier = Farmhouse Cider
    • Cidre Bouche = Traditional, naturally sparkling cider
    • Cidre Pays d'Auge = Certification given to cider made in the Pays 'Auge region of Normandy under the specifications of the protected Designation of Origin (or  Appellation d'Origine Protégée)
    • Cuvée = Blend, typically indicating a blend done post fermentation

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