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ABV –Alcohol By Volume (Alcohol Strength in beverage)


CO2 –Carbon Dioxide (bubbles)


Cyser – a blend of cider and mead, (technically a melomel). A cyser is a mead which has been fermented with apple juices rather than water, created a unique drink that is both sweeter and tarter.


Brett – short for Brettanomyces, is a wild yeast commonly found living on fruit skins


Keeved –(A complicated process to say the least) The sediments of the fermentation process are compounded in the fermentation vessel (top of vessel or bottom) with the benefit of a clear and nutrient deficient juice with full flavors and low ABV. Short answer – Tasty


Mead – Mead is simply honey, yeast and water. It is one of mankind’s oldest alcoholic beverages. Every society, worldwide, developed some sort of mead. It wasn’t until the advent of agriculture that mead was replaced by ales, beer and wines. Today’s mead is a rich culture of variety. Because honey is vastly different by season and location, every mead can be a unique experience.


Melomel – Put simply, mead with fruit. Take a mead (honey, yeast & water) put fruit in it, whether before or after fermentation, and it’s a melomel.


Pet Nat (short for Pétillant Naturel) - a natural sparkling wine. Being a fully naturally made wine means it has been made with minimal intervention from the winemaker – during production, who instead leaves nature to do its job and develop the finished product.


Pommeau - is a traditionally French endeavor, specifically in the Normandy and Brittany regions. There, fresh apple cider is fermented and distilled, then aged to be granted a heavily governed by the AOC (and highly regarded) nomenclature of Calvados. A select amount of this apple brandy product becomes the alcoholic base and preservative for fresh cider to be aged in barrels. This unique spirit, called Pommeau, lives in between the bold and higher proof Calvados and the sweet and tart cider it was born. Now this golden liquid mellowed in a barrel, and touched with wood flavors. The alcohol generally stays around 16-18 %, which saves the spirit from spoilage and off flavors but doesn’t overwhelm the cider or blot out the fresh juice aromas.The result is closer to an aperitif, cordial or after-dinner wine. Generally sipped neat, chilled or even room temperature to allow for the full evolution on aromas and flavors.


Sessionable –Suitable to have a few servings in a row given low ABV of certain ciders. Or, maybe, they are real tasty.


Still – Cider that has no carbonation.


SV – Single Varietal (One specific kind of fruit used only) eg. – only Gravenstein apples are used. We have heard of single tree varietals, where only the fruit of a single tree is used for that particular cider. Dude.


Tannins – A flavor or flavors in food, often noted as bitterness and astringency, as well as adding complexity. Classic black tea flavor/mouthfeel.


Terroir – Characteristic taste and flavor imparted to a cider by the environment in which it is produced. (where the apples are grown or the cider is made can really show up!)


Vertical – In a vertical tasting, you’re actually tasting one bottling from one cidery over the course of years, with multiple vintages (say from 2014 to 2018). By making sure everything else stays the same (the producer, the land, the varietals), you can simply compare the years themselves. This is the kind of tasting where you’ll get a sense for the influence of yearly climate. And the fun part is, you get to say stuff like “2014 had a lot of Brett!”

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