Alpenfire Cider (Port Townsend, Washington State)

Alpenfire Cider (Port Townsend, WA)
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    Alpenfire Cider is a family-owned and operated, orchard-based cidery based in Port Townsend on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State. Operated by Bear and Nancy Bishop, and their son, Phillipe, they began planting apple trees back in 2003, and released their first commercial ciders in 2006. Their organic orchard includes around 1,000 English, French, and Heirloom apple trees.

    Their ciders are made exclusively from organically frown fruit, and they strive to craft ciders without the use of sulfites. In fact, Alpenfire Cider lays claim to making the West Coast's first organic cider. To the Bishop family, organic is not an option but a necessity - a necessity that keeps them in touch with nature and helps to create the kind of future they want for their family and the planet.

    To learn more about Alpenfire Cider, visit their website.

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